Fultium D3

Fultium D3 (colecalciferol)

What is Fultium® – D3 800 IU?

Fultium®-D3 contains 800 IU of vitamin D3 in a small aqua blue capsule, which also contains arachis (peanut) oil. The gelatin used in the capsule shell is certified to Halal  standards. It provides a daily dose of vitamin D3 which is required by the body to aid the absorption of calcium, needed to develop and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

It should be taken as instructed by the GP and should not be discontinued without consulting your GP first.

For further information please consult your GP

Fultium®-D3 800 IU Patient Information Leaflet

What is Fultium® – D3 3,200 IU?

*Coming soon

Fultium®-D3 3,200 IU Patient Information Leaflet


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